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We are offering our ring game players another outlet to be rewarded for their Gold Card collections! The Exchange is a new reward feature that allows you to buy and sell Gold Cards from and to other players.
All you need to do is login to the SuperPoker software, go to Rewards> Gold Cards and begin trading in your very own player to player marketplace!
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Selling Your Gold Cards

With The Exchange, you can sell your surplus Gold Cards.  With strategic buying and selling, you will find it’s possible to make money on Superpoker without ever playing a hand.

• Click on the Exchange link in the Rewards section of the Superpoker software. This will open The Exchange website in your default browser (you must be logged in to the software to access The Exchange).

• Once there, you can select cards from your collection and put them up for sale.

Buying Gold Cards from other players

Gold Cards can be used to gain access to daily, high-value Gold Card Tournaments. If you are short a certain Gold Card for an upcoming Gold Card Tournament, just check The Exchange. There’s a good chance you’ll find it there.

• Find Gold Card tournaments in the lobby with two buy-in options (the required Gold Cards OR the current sale price for the required Gold Cards currently being sold in the Exchange).

• You will be able to view a new Gold Card Tournament registration form in the Superpoker software that will allow you to instantly buy any Gold Cards missing from your collection currently being sold in the Exchange.

What is your Gold Card collection worth today? Click here for full details!

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