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New depositors will receive a tournament token giving them entry to one New Depositors Freeroll (Only one tournament entry per player.). The token is valid for 3 months, and players can join the New Depositors Freeroll of their choice.

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New Depositors Freeroll Tournaments are staged 3 times a week, with each tournament awarding one of the prizes listed. Players should check the tournament schedule in the Superpoker software for exact tournament details.

After each tournament, winners will be contacted by Superpoker and asked which of the four prizes they would like (pending availability). Superpoker will arrange delivery of the prize to the winner. If Superpoker is unable to supply a prize; an alternative option will be made available with equivalent value.

Processing of a player’s winnings could take up to a month after the date he/she won the New Depositors Freeroll Tournament. By entering the New Depositors Freeroll Tournaments, players agree that their real names, aliases and images can be used for promotional purposes.

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Awarding of any and all prizes is at the sole discretion of Superpoker management and any decisions taken by management in this regard are final. The use of offensive language at the New Depositors Freeroll Tournaments will disqualify a player from winning a prize.

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Any player found colluding during the course of a New Depositors Freeroll Tournament in order to win the prize will be disqualified and his account will be frozen. Any player found to be “soft playing” in order to allow another player to win during the course of a New Depositors Freeroll Tournament will have his account frozen.

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Superpoker management reserves the right to deny entry to the New Depositors Freeroll Tournament and/or remove a player or disqualify a player from same and any decisions taken by management in this regard are final. We reserve the right to change and/or cancel the rules and structure of the New Depositors Freeroll Tournaments at our sole discretion.

Superpoker cannot advise on the tax position of winners, as some jurisdictions treat poker wins as tax free, while in other jurisdictions such proceeds are taxable. If the winnings are taxable in a player’s jurisdiction, the player is solely responsible to keep track of and report his/her winnings to the appropriate authorities. Likewise, Superpoker cannot advise on whether the playing of poker over the Internet is lawful in the player’s jurisdiction. Players must establish that their participation on Superpoker is lawful in their own jurisdiction.

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