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Gold Stacks Terms and Conditions

How do I earn Gold Stacks?

By playing at our real money ring game and tournament tables you’re earning frequent player points (FPPs) and Gold Chips. Every Gold Chip earned is added to your current Gold Stack.

What do I do with a Gold Stack?

The beauty of Gold Stacks is that you really don’t do anything. Every time you complete a Gold Stack, your reward is issued instantly…automatically…right away….immediately. You simply earn Gold Chips and we reward you.

What kind of instant rewards will I earn?

Gold Stacks completed at the lower levels will earn you more Gold Chips. Rewards increase as you advance in Gold Stack levels, with higher levels offering cash. As rewards are instant, your Gold Chip balance or real money balance will be topped up automatically as you complete each Stack.

How do I know how many Gold Chips it takes to complete a Stack?

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The Gold Stack Level you’re at will determine how many Gold Chips are in each Stack and how many Stacks are needed to advance to the next level. This information is viewable via the Rewards Gold Stacks tab when you are logged in to SuperPoker.

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What about the Levels?

There are 50 ways to leave your lover and coincidentally 50 Levels of Gold Stacks. All players begin on Level 1. Within some Levels, you’ll find that you must build more than one Stack to advance. The reward you receive for completing a Stack depends on what level you’re on. Higher levels offer even more rewards per Stack.

Will I lose a Level?

We all have things to do and poker can’t always be it – and we respect that. Gold Stacks is not an endless poker treadmill that you must stay on to maintain your Level. In fact, we make it pretty tricky for you to drop a Level. Once you achieve Levels 1 through 10, you’ll never go down a notch. Hit Level 11 or higher and you’ll be required only to earn a minimum of three Gold Chips over two consecutive months in order to maintain your level.

Are there any time limits?

No. You are guaranteed a reward every time you complete a Gold Stack. This, thanks to our crafty marketing folks, is called your Guaranteed Reward. However if you have a need for speed, we reward that too with Turbo and Super Turbo rewards offered per Stack. Achieve Super Turbo to truly maximize your earning potential.

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