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Bounty Tournaments

Join in our fun Bounty Tournaments running all month. These tournaments take a % of the Buy-in and place it as a bounty on each player! So for example a $10 buy-in tournament with a 50% Bounty will put $5 into the prize pool and $5 on the head of each player, or a 100% Bounty tournament would have no prize pool and you’d only get paid for knocking out other players.

In other words, a bounty is a feature that rewards a player for eliminating another player. There is no waiting till the end of the tournament to get paid – you get paid the moment you knock out a player! And the winner also gets their own bounty back!

Bounty Tournament Schedule

Day Time ET Tournament Buy-in
Daily 10 pm $10,000 Guarenteed Bounty $ 30 +$3
Saturday 3 pm $15,000 Guarenteed Bounty $50+$5
*Schedules are subject to change without notice

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