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Turbo Tournaments

Whether you have the need for speed or are on a time budget, Superpoker offers a variety of Turbo tournaments. For the most part, turbo events follow a quicker blind schedule making for a much faster game and a game pace that many poker players enjoy.


Superpoker turbo events are based on a 6 minute blind structure versus the 10 minute norm. With a structure that still allows for skill to be a strong factor, Turbos are perfect for single table action and satellites. Look for Turbos by Tournament Name, for example, $10,000 Turbo R&A or check each event’s Tournament Lobby for specific blind structure details.


Don’t let the ten minute blind structure fool you, it’s the ante’s that will swing this game in to overdrive. With a starting stack of only 1000 chips and first level ante’s set to 250, you will only have a handful (if that) of hands to make your move. Be warned!

Our Lightning round tournaments are listed under the Sit & Go tab, starting at only $1.

Turbo Tournament Schedule

Level Blinds Ante Minutes
1 5/10 250 10
2 10/20 500 10
3 20/40 1000 10
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