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Am I playing against real people or a computer?

All the players you play against are real people. We do not use computer players or “bots” on our site.

How can I adjust my game window?

The Poker lobby can not be resized, however your game window can be adjusted while watching or seated at a poker table. Do either of the 2 options below:

  1. Click on the “Resize Table” button at the bottom left of your poker table (above the Tool tabs) and select the appropriate size.
  2. Mouse over the corner of the game window, until you see the cursor transform to a double-sided arrow, left-click, without releasing, drag the corner outwards.

How can I configure the game window to fill my entire screen?

Please keep in mind that this will effect how everything is viewed on your computer, documents and sites not associated with Superpoker.

  1. Access your Control Panel by clicking your “Window’s Start” menu then “Control Panel”.
  2. Double-click “Display”.
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  4. Choose the last tab called “Settings”.
  5. Drag the “Screen resolution” slider to the left, to 800×600 pixels.
  6. Press “Apply” to view first or “OK” to confirm right away before previewing.

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While in the game window click the “Info” tab then the “options” button. Select the “Display” tab. Then under “Sounds”, select “Silent”, “Alerts Only” or “All”.

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At how many tables can I play simultaneously?

There are not restrictions on the amount of games you can play at the same time, whether it is in a tournament, a ring game or both simultaneously. However, we ask that you act promptly when it is your turn.

How many play-money chips do I start with?

You will be given 1,000 play money chips to start. If at any time your play chip count drops below 1,000, simply click on the Dealer’s tray and your stack will be refreshed.

How do I get more play chips while at a table?

If you need to add more play chips while seated at a table, click the chip rack at the top of the table; it says Options. A window will open showing your available chips. You may bring up to that number of chips to the table. The chips will only be delivered once the hand in-progress has ended.

How do I sit down at a ring game?

Select a seat by clicking where it says “Sit Down” over the seat. You will then be prompted to select how much money you would like to take to the table. After completing this step you will then be taken to your seat to enjoy the games and begin playing!

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How do I join a tournament?

After double-clicking on the desired tournament from the lobby screen, you will open the Tournament window. This window will describe the specific details of that tournament including prize information, blind levels and start time. To join this tournament, select the register button in the bottom right corner of the window. After successfully registering for this tournament you will see your player nickname added to the list of registered players. Your table window will open when the tournament begins.

Where can I see the pot display?

The amount in the pot is always posted numerically and represented graphically in the center of the poker table.

Does the software allow me to muck the winning hand?

No, it doesn’t. If you play your hand to the showdown and you hold the winning hand, it will be automatically shown. This feature protects you from accidentally mucking a winner.

If you would like to enabling auto muck, select the check box next to “auto muck” (to the bottom right of poker table) while seated. A check mark will appear confirming that you have successfully turned this feature on.

How do I make notes on a player?

When you are at a table, there is a “Note” tab located on the bottom left of the game screen. This feature allows you to make notes on any opposing players by selecting the desired player from the drop down menu (all players seated at your table will appear in your selection). From there, you simply need to type in any comments you wish to make and they will stick with that player regardless of any Player ID changes they may make. In addition to the notes, you are able to apply a color coded label identifying the type of player that they are.

How do I know if Notes have been made on a player?

If you see a small color box in the right hand corner of an opposing player’s nameplate, there are already notes available to you from a previous entry. This is quite handy since Superpoker allows players to frequently adjust their Player ID.

A player keeps talking and it’s annoying me. How can I block his chat?

  1. Navigate to the “Notes” tab (bottom left of the table screen).
  2. Select the player from the drop down list.
  3. Click the “Ignore” button.

Please refrain from engaging in retaliatory chat as this will likely result in both players’ chat privileges being removed.

How can I select an avatar?

Currently, there are 20 avatars to choose from. Pick the avatar that suits you best. In the Poker Lobby, click the “Options” button. While in the “Table” tab, click the left or right arrow to scroll through the avatars. If you and another player share the same avatar while seated at the same table, our world class software will customize the avatars so they are distinguishable (such as changing the shirt color).

Can I customize my deck?

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Yes, you can customize the deck to your liking by changing the deck color, or easily distinguish b/w card suits by assigning specific colors to each suit. In the Poker Lobby, click the “Options” button. Click the “Cards and Chips” tab to customize your cards and chips.

How do I view my play statistics?

When you are at a table, you can click on the “Stats” tab in the bottom left corner of the screen to view your stats.

Is it possible to check the outcome of a hand I was in?

The “Last Hand” button is located below the current hand number and can be clicked to provide an immediate review of the previous hand. You will also find the Hand History in text format, in the folder where you installed Superpoker located within your personal computer files. The default location, unless specified otherwise, is C:\Program Files\Superpoker\Hand Histories\

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