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The Poker Room is operated by Gaming N.V., a well-established, internationally renowned poker software company. The software was designed and developed to ensure the highest standard of integrity. The poker room is actively managed, 7×24, to respond to players attempting to behave improperly. The software is designed to automatically detect improper activity.

How do you shuffle cards to ensure fairness?

The solution chosen for RNG/Shuffling is critical to ensuring a fair game for all players. Consequently, Superpoker investigated many systems and algorithms before deciding on implementation of what we believe is a superior solution.

Superpoker’s RNG solution ensures the even distribution of cards whereby no sequence or relationship can be discovered in any way. The RNG solution is unaware of what’s going on in the game itself, so when the game requests a random card, the RNG has no idea of whose turn it is nor how the game is being played. We believe this is the ultimate impartial tool, better than the physical shuffling of cards.

Superpoker uses the cryptographically-secure RNG system found in Microsoft’s CryptoAPI. “Cryptographically secure” means that the RNG is so completely random that even a large amount of computer analysis cannot predict or detect patterns in the output, a fact that has been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Do you Burn Cards?

The burning of cards is a time honored tradition in physical casinos to protect players against marked cards. In a virtual poker room the burning of cards is a visual flourish that is not necessary. We do not burn cards.

I believe I was cheated. What do I do?

We take cheating very seriously. If you believe other players at your table were colluding (playing together) you should use the Call Manager button to report the problem immediately. If you prefer to send email, include your screen name and the game number of the game, or the table name and time and date when you believe the cheating occurred to non generic prednisone – buy prednisone online uk generic equivalent of prednisone during delivery – order prednisone for dogs online prednisone oral  . You may also request the hand history to review the game yourself. You may want to do this first.

What system do you use against collusion?

Collusion is an unacceptable practice that undermines the integrity of the games. In order to combat collusion Superpoker employs numerous preventative security measures which include random security checks and log-file reviews. Our analysis includes automatic tracking of betting patterns related to the strength of a player’s hand and referencing that against other player’s actions at the same table to determine if they may be working together. Sophisticated algorithms are employed to identify, track and uncover collusion help to ensure the integrity of our system and fairness at our tables.

Our Security Team will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints registered by players suspecting questionable practices or collusion. Any player found to be participating in collusion or deceptive practices will have their account immediately closed and will be permanently banned from our games.

What do you do against Bots?

The use of Artificial Intelligence or “bots” is strictly forbidden. Superpoker employs measures to prevent and detect the use of programs that are designed to enable artificial intelligence (non-human) play on the site. Players found to be using such programs will have their account closed immediately and they will be banned from playing at the site permanently.

Can someone hack into the system and see my cards?

Superpoker offers our clients world class security against hackers. All of the communications between the Superpoker server and the client program running on your computer are encrypted using the internationally accepted industry standard SSLv3/TLSv1 encryption algorithm. What this means is that your cards, your name, your address, your credit card number, your password, and any other information that is transmitted between players’ computers and our server is protected with the same level of security that a bank would use. ‘Packet-sniffing’, an effort to intercept and interpret the information exchanged between the two points, has been thoroughly addressed by our technical design team and is prevented using the most advanced deterrents available today.

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Furthermore, each player’s cards are sent exclusively to that particular player’s computer. No computer other than yours receives the datastream of your hidden cards, thus preventing an opponent from hacking the client software to determine your cards.

Will you share my private information with another party?

All information you enter on Superpoker is private and will remain 100% confidential. We do not share any of your personal information with outside parties, other than what is necessary to facilitate credit card transactions with our credit card processor.

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