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Why is the auto-upgrade not working?

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In some cases, auto-upgrading will not work. This can be due to local caching and firewall issues, which prevent our software from properly upgrading itself.

You may access the most recent version of the Superpoker software by clicking here. Select the SuperpokerSetup.exe hyperlink to begin the process. Choose ‘Run program from its current location’, select ‘Open File’ and save it to your computer.

How much available disk space do I need?

You’ll need 13.7Mb of space on your hard drive for the client download and installation.

Why is the game moving slowly?

The communication between your machine and our servers has been optimized for the fastest response. If you notice that your game is moving slow, it might be due to players on the table are taking a long time to act when it is their turn or your connection to the Internet is weak (dial-up, wireless, etc.).

What happens if I get disconnected while playing?

If you are disconnected from the game mid-hand our software will automatically try to re-connect you to the internet and return you directly to your table. Ideally you will be returned to the table promptly with minimum effect on your game.

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If you are connected and do not act within the allowable 25 seconds, your hand will be set to “Fold” to Any Bet (check if the action is checked to you or fold if there is action to you).

How does the “Extra time bank” work?

If disconnected, in a multi-table tournament (only), your Extra time bank (additional 240 seconds) will engage giving you more time to reconnect, pending you have money invested in the pot. Once your Extra time bank has depleted, you will be folded, except in the case of the final table at which players will be given an additional 240 seconds to re-establish connection.

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In the unlikely event of a server interruption the hands in progress at every table will be restored by rolling back these hands. Each player’s chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand prior to the interruption. In special circumstances, when a tournament needs to be canceled because of a crash or some other reason, players will be compensated according to our Superpoker Tournament Cancellation Policy.

What are the minimum requirements for windows users?

  • Windows 2000, XP (or Media Center), Vista or later
  • Internet Explorer 6+ or FireFox or later
  • 366Mhz Pentium PC or faster
  • 256MB RAM
  • Standard VGA monitor
  • Dialup connection
  • Sound card (optional)
  • At least 40MB free disk space

What are the recommended requirements for windows users?

  • Windows 2000, XP (or Media Center), Vista or later
  • Internet Explorer 6+ or FireFox or later
  • 500 Mhz Pentium PC or faster
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Standard VGA monitor
  • Broadband connection
  • Sound card (optional)
  • At least 40MB free disk space

Do you have an Apple MAC version?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer a version of our software specifically designed for the MAC however many of our MAC users have successfully employed a PC emulator to play at Superpoker. It is our understanding that both SoftWindows and VirtualPC work well with our software.

How do I connect to Superpoker after a Program Upgrade?

When you initially downloaded the Superpoker software your firewall would have asked you if you wanted to set the Superpoker software as an ‘allowed’ or ‘trusted’ application. As soon as the Superpoker software was set as an ‘allowed’ or ‘trusted’ application you would have been able to connect.

Unfortunately, however, when an upgrade to the Superpoker software is downloaded the firewall may not recognize the upgraded version of the software as an ‘allowed’ or ‘trusted’ application and as such the firewall will block the connection. In order to address the problem you will need to open your firewall program and ensure that the Superpoker software is set as a ‘trusted site’ or ‘allowed site’.

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