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Step 4: Earn Rewards

Gold Cards

Gold Cards are a unique feature at Superpoker that rewards our ring game players. Seat yourself at any real money game, and you’re eligible to receive a Gold Card, redeemable for a variety of exclusive Superpoker Reward events and prizes.

How do I win a Gold Card

You’re eligible for Gold when seated at any of our low, medium or high stakes Real Money ring games. Our Random Number Generator (RNG) will release one Gold Card from our Vault each time it reaches a certain amount of rake (as such, Gold Cards will fall more frequently in higher limit games). If the Gold Card released matches one of your hole cards, you’ve struck Gold even if you have folded out of the hand. If no match occurs, the RNG will continue to randomly choose Gold Cards from the Vault. The process is repeated until a match is made making it possible to experience a Gold Rush and strike Gold in consecutive hands.

Gold Cards


Where can I view my Gold Card collection?

Gold Cards earned are safely stored within your Superpoker Rewards account. When logged in to Superpoker, you can view your personal Gold Card collection by choosing the ‘Rewards’ tab, and selecting Gold Card, followed by Collection. We’ll also send you a monthly Superpoker Rewards Statement newsletter that will provide you with your personal Gold Card count.

Gold Cards


Do Gold Cards expire?

Gold Cards do not expire. Collecting Gold Cards is much like collecting any other commodity, such as stamps or baseball cards. Older cards may hold more value as the Series roll along, but they never expire.

Do Gold Cards Hold Equal Value?

Gold Cards are not created equally however all are valuable and redeemable for rewards within Superpoker. Gold Cards are dished out at the tables in Series. While some will hold instant value on their own, others may increase in value as your collection grows and time passes. How you play them, is the fun part. Before redeeming your cards, get familiar with judging their value by the following indicators:

By Card

In a regular deck of cards, each individual card holds a different value based on its number or face, and its suit; Gold Cards are no different.

By Year

A sash is displayed on every Gold Card you receive. In fact, when reviewing your collection via the Rewards tab on the Superpoker software, you’ll see game cards for each year series.

If you’ve just received a Gold Card, the banner will show 2009.

See Gold Cards Terms and Conditions

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