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In every game there is a set of rules. But rules are not enough; the players are also expected to practice game etiquette. And in the poker universe it is very important to follow these basic rules and behavior.

Here is the poker room etiquette you should keep in mind.

Don’t be foul-mouthed. Watch your language. While online poker is a game for adults, no one likes a foul-mouthed jerk. Players using offensive language on the chat tool will be subject to a chat warning or a revocation of their chat privileges. Chat that is not permitted on Superpoker includes (but is not limited to) profanity, begging, solicitation, chat flooding and advertising. Please note that Superpoker allows only English chat.

Don’t be rude. Not everyone may be as good a poker player like you, so avoid trash talk or dishing losing players. Don’t rub it in their faces if you beat them, you might get a doze of your own medicine the next time.

Don’t stall the game. It’s not a good strategy to slow down the game by being inattentive or inconsiderate. It reflects badly on your professionalism.

Do not gossip about other players. It is unethical to talk about another player’s poor poker ability. In the way, avoid using profanity in reference to another player. If you have the urge to chat with a fellow player, keep it brief and light.

Keep a cool head all the time. Do not create a disturbance by arguing non-sensibly.

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